Where To Begin With Your RTO Registration

RTO Registration

RTO Registration Do you want to understand the process on how to become a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)? Here is the overview of your registration process. To understand more, visit Fronto Advisory.

What To Remember 

Preparing Your Application:

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) makes sure that you are eligible to provide RTO services. To understand this, they need you to prepare your RTO application before becoming an RTO provider. The first step of your RTO registration is showing ASQA whether you meet their requirements and standards. There are 5 total main requirements:

Standards for Registered Training Organisations:

You need to proceed with a self-assessment tool to see whether you meet the standards. You can access the tool here. 

Fit and Proper Person Requirements:

A fit and proper person means that they uphold honesty, integrity and a positive reputation. This is used to gauge whether you are fit for the role of an RTO provider. 

Financial Viability Risk Assessment Requirements:

You need to show ASQA that your business can proceed smoothly and won’t go through severe financial consequences in the future. The National Vocational Education and Training Regulator (Financial Viability Risk Assessment Requirements) Instrument 2021 is where you can show your needed documents and evidence. You also need to pass the financial viability risk assessment with a tool. It will be screened and signed by a registered accountant. 

Data Provision Requirement

Australians Qualifications Framework

Submit Your Application:

After completing your application successfully, you can submit it through the official portals. You can submit it through the asqanet portal. For those submitting it for the first time, you need to make a new account from scratch. You need to be sure that your application is filled out correctly because you will not be able to make any changes once it has been submitted. 

After submitting your application correctly, you will be given invoices for two payable fees:

Lodgement fee:

Once you submit your application, you will be given a lodgement fee invoice.

Assessment fee:

You will receive this particular invoice once ASQA has reviewed and accepted your application. This needs to be paid before your application is assessed correctly by officials. 

Prepare For Assessment:

After your fees and application has been surveyed successfully, you need to undergo an assessment that will test and gauge your capabilities as an RTO provider. The steps following your inspection are as follows:

Meet Your Assessor:

The assessor will be assigned to you and will discuss your process, dates and times of your meeting and interview. They will be the ones who will manage and proceed with your RTO interview. 

Opening Meeting:

This will be the meeting between you and the assessor. They will inform you about your RTO registration assessment process. 

Evidence Review and Interview:

This will determine whether the evidence you provided is sufficient. Your interviews can be in person or through a video call conference. You have the chance to have more than one interview as well. 

Closing Meeting:

In this meeting, your assessor will prepare your registration assessment report and review any additional evidence documents. 

The Decision:

This is the stage where the decision of ASQA will be forwarded to you. They will send you a report on whether you have succeeded or need to work on your standards as an RTO provider. 

How To Become A Registered Training Organisation?

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