What are Home Support Services?

Support Services

If you are someone who is aging in their home, or has a disability and needs supportive services, then you are likely wondering what options are available to you. Home support services are there to help these individuals live at home for as long as possible. They can help you with day-to-day needs, such as bathing, cooking, and getting groceries. Their services also provide transportation or access to household equipment so you do not have to leave your home. 

Home support services also offer in-home skilled care that allows people who are aging or have a disability to continue living at home for a longer period than otherwise possible. Regardless of what the need is for in-home supportive services, know that it is always an important option in the right situation. Doing so will allow you to stay in your own home, which can be more cost-effective and more comfortable than other alternatives like nursing homes and assisted living facilities. You can learn more about home support services by speaking to a home health care agency.

Different Types of Home Support Services

  • Companionship and emotional support

The types of companions that accompany you at home vary depending on your needs, but they are there to support you in many ways. This companionship ensures you will have someone to talk to and someone to ease your worries while they are around. Having a companion present in your home also allows you the opportunity to spend your time with the companion doing whatever interests you.

  • Guidance and support with day-to-day tasks

Sometimes certain daily tasks can be overwhelming, especially for those who are aging. This is where a support worker can come in to help you with things like cooking meals, doing laundry, and other household duties. They can also give you the freedom to live independently, as they can take on some of the more difficult and challenging tasks.

  • Light house help and meal preparation

If you are unable to prepare meals on your own, the home support service can provide you with the help for light meal preparation. This can be a very helpful thing, especially for those who cannot easily prepare meals on their own and need someone else to do it for them.

  • Administration of personal care

If you need help with personal care, such as bathing or dressing, then the home support services will be there to assist you. They will also provide you with all the assistance needed to get dressed or bathe.

  • Medication management

If you have difficulty remembering to take your medications, the home care services can help you with this. This can be very beneficial and allow you to stay healthier and in control of your medical needs.

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