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What are Email Verification Services and Why Is It Needed?

A good email list is the foundation of any digital marketing strategy, whether it’s for a blog or an e-commerce site. In the digital world, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods. According to the Digital Marketing Association, email marketing has a 4300 per cent return on investment. On most other mediums, whether online or offline, that kind of return is nearly hard to achieve. However, among other things, the health and efficacy of an email marketing campaign are largely determined by the health of the mailing list.

The email addresses deteriorate at a rate of 22% every year. That means that if someone has 100,000 addresses on their mailing list, more than 20,000 of them will be invalid in a year. At that rate, the mailing list will need to be updated and sanitized regularly. When a person changes their email address, the old one is usually deleted.

When a person changes their email address within the same service provider, the same thing happens. Similarly, a change in employment can result in a change of email addresses. Many firms provide distinct email addresses for their C-level executives than they do for medium or entry-level executives. If this is not done, their emails will begin to bounce due to the invalid addresses. Bounce rates and open rates that are too low will send the wrong signals to their email service provider. If they haven’t already realized, their company has a sender reputation with their email service provider or email marketing service.

The sender’s reputation is used to keep the email marketing service’s servers from being blocked by other email providers such as Google, Yahoo, and Outlook. Email service providers score senders based on the number of dropouts, spam reports, and block reports they receive.

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If people use email marketing services, their servers, as well as their businesses, are at risk of being blacklisted. As a result, email marketing platforms keep track of a sender’s reputation based on a variety of characteristics, such as bounce rates. High bounce rates will result in their firm being blacklisted by the marketing service, and they will no longer be able to run their campaigns.

Is it necessary to verify their email address?

There is no governmental mandate or set of rules requiring users to verify their email addresses. It is entirely up to them whether they choose to participate or not. Many companies are unaware of the importance of email verification and continue to run advertisements without it. When an entrepreneur is trying to learn as they go, incidents like these seem to happen. Understanding email verification is unlikely to be at the top of a new business’s priority list, given all the other things they must learn.

However, as their email lists develop a rapid surge in bounce rates signals that something is wrong with their firm, such as a sender’s reputation. If people see a decrease in email openings and a higher bounce rate, they should speak with an expert to determine the best course of action.

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