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The basic principle of warranty applies to home warranties as well. A home warranty covers the cost of repairs and maintenance that the house may need over time due to normal wear and tear. The homeowner is expected to make a monthly payment to the home warranty company. They get access to discounted services to fix certain home appliances and systems. A home warranty is extremely beneficial for homeowners, and it also increases buyers’ confidence during a real estate transaction. Here are some of the best home warranty companies you should look to work with. Invest in Lahore Smart City

American residential warranty 

The American residential warranty is almost everyone’s number one choice due to the reasonable prices, the customizable plans, and the low service fees. This home warranty company has gotten excellent review ratings from the Better Business Bureau and provides nationwide coverage. It has earned the highest ratings among all the other major home warranty companies globally and has received a 4.7-star rating. The pricing differs depending on the type of plan you choose to take; hence you can make your plan depending on your budget. It also allows you to choose your technicians to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work. However, the drawback is an annual limit on certain appliances and systems, which is very low. The monthly installment does not cover the cost of washing or drying; hence they will have to be paid by you separately despite the plan you take.

Home warranty Inc

Home warranty Inc gets second place after the American residential warranty due to its user-friendly website, detailed pricing information, a fast response system, and a wide range of add-ons available to the clients. Home warranty Inc has gotten an A+ from the Better Business Bureau and has coverage in 35 states. The best feature of this home warranty company is that there is no limitation on the square footage, and hence the size of your house does not affect anything. Like the American residential warranty, they also let you pick your technicians to increase consumer confidence. However, the home warranty Inc does not cover the costs for damages caused by nature, such as molds, erosion, or rust. The company typically responds within 26 hours of an inquiry, and on average, it costs around $480 per month. The three basic plans offered by home warranty Inc are appliance protection, home protection, and supplemental protection. You can add-ons to the package, such as an enhanced HVAC plan, a little slab leak, a limited roof leak repair, and a jetted bathtub. You should also buy plots in Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

First premier home warranty 

The first premier home warranty has a response time of only 20 minutes, which is the fastest among all home warranty companies. This home warranty company has low-cost plans, high payout benefits, and a reasonable service fee. The first premier home warranty is yet to receive a rating from the Better Business Bureau mainly because they are a new company. Despite being new to the industry, First premier home warranty delivers excellent services and currently provides coverage in most states except California and Lowa. The company has one of the lowest prices and charges around $15,000 per year. However, the company was started in 2020 and had a very limited track record; hence not a lot can be said about them just yet. The company also offers fewer plans or packages than other competing companies in the industry. Like other companies, the first premier offers several add-ons that the customer can choose from, such as an additional garage door opener, an additional water cooler system, a central vacuum, septic pumping, and a septic system.


Having a home warranty card is essential, and it protects you from the burden of unexpected costs. When a house is sold, the seller usually provides a fully paid home warranty card for two years, after which the buyer has to pay the fees. Before choosing any company, you must research and select a company whose terms suit you the best. Buy plots in 1947 Housing.

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