Things Debt Collectors Do That Can Be Irritating, But Are Legal

Getting calls and texts from debt collectors is expected when you are in debt. These calls and texts may seem normal at first, but as you stop paying on time, the tone of their voice will change gradually. However, you must remember that the collector cannot use threatening words that indicate physical harm to you or your family. 

Sometimes debt collectors may act in a way that might annoy you. This can make one question whether they are even allowed to do those things. Educating yourself about the legal system and understanding your rights can help answer your questions. Consult with attorneys from the Zero Debt Law Firm for assistance. 


Things debt collectors do that can be irritating but are legal 

  • A debt collector can call your employer. 

You may find it infuriating and embarrassing to find that the debt collector has contacted your employer, but it is completely legal for them to do so. They can call your boss to ask for your alternative contact number or location when they are unable to reach you on your usual number or address. 

However, what they are not allowed to do is disclose the information that you owe them money. They cannot tell the real reason they are calling, nor can they reveal their identities. 

A debt collector crosses their limits when they: 

  • Ask for more information from your employer than is required. 
  • Call the employer more than once.
  • Harasses and threatens you. 
  • A debt collector can look for information on your Facebook page. 

The Internet is free; anybody can use their electronic devices to lurk around social media. Debt collectors are no exception. Do not be surprised if you find the debt collector looking for your information on your or your friend’s Facebook page. They may do this to know about your current location or a contact number. 

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If you make personal information available on the Internet, the collector can use it to reach you. However, they cannot use social media to post about you as publicizing debts, and public shaming goes against the FDCPA rules. 

  • A debt collector can call you from an unknown number. 

It is completely legal for a debt collector to call you from an unknown number. For example, suppose they called you, and you have saved their number. Now, they may call you from another number you do not have. This is legal. 

However, it is illegal for them to try to deceive you by hiding their identity. They must identify themselves correctly, that is, give their full names. They must also tell you what collection company they work for. 

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