The Premier League in Parimatch – how to bet on the top-level football championship online

The Premier League is an important soccer event that always can be found in a Parimatch betting line. And since this season are already started all the Parimatch clients get access to a wide range of main and additional markets. One more reason to bet on the EPL matches is the high odds and the enlarged bet limits so this event has a special value for high rollers. But with any bankroll, it’s better to check the actual EPL odds on and learn the available betting line to choose the best odds for future bets. Also, dont forget to learn the EPL terms and analyze the teams’ shape to prepare the forecast for the chosen matches. 

The EPL betting online – main favorites this Premier League season 2022/23

So the Premier League season began on August 5 with the first match Crystal Palace vs Arsenal. But the total number of matches this season is 380. That’s why you still have a lot of great opportunities to make winning bets with some high odds. During the tournament season, you will see many of your favorite teams and such legendary clubs as

  • Liverpool;
  • Manchester City;
  • Arsenal;
  • Leicester City;
  • Manchester United, etc.!

20 clubs will take part in the EPL season and all of them will play thirty-eight matches between August and May. The current titleholder is Manchester City which is at the same time the club with the most winning titles. This season Manchester City still is one of the main favorites of the EPL for sure some other teams deserve your attention. To pick the team with the best chances of winning it’s important to prepare the forecast. All the markets should be chosen based on that forecast because in other cases the chances for winning bets will be low, so it’s better to prepare well. Some statistics for your forecast you will find via the Parimatch website.

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Main features of the Premier League 2022/23 – more information about the men’s English football league system

The 2022-23 tournament is the 31st in the whole history of the Premier League. The actual format won’t be changed so for experienced bettors it will be really easy to find the best matches for the winning bets. As always before the beginning of the season, some of the clubs couldn’t stay in the top 20 list (Watford, Burnley, and Norwich City) so there are will be some new names in the EPL schedule. 

The EPL is considered one of the strongest championships in Europe with the spectacular struggle and many intrigues. So this competition is really important for all the LIVE betting fans who want to catch the highest odds and get the opportunity to make bets and watch the match of their favorite team at the same time.

Also because of such EPL features, many markets are associated with numerous goals and yellow cards which could be founded in the betting line via the Parimatch website. At the same time, the bets on the next Premier League winner are popular and perspective as well, but with less interesting odds. 

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