The Difference Between a Collaborative And an Uncontested Divorce

There are various ways to seek a divorce from your spouse. Collaborative and uncontested divorces are two of the most popular and used methods for finalizing a divorce. People often get confused between these two approaches. Consult a divorce lawyer in Huntsville, AL, to discuss your legal matters and determine the most suitable divorce approach following your case.

Collaborative Divorce

With the collaborative approach to divorce, both spouses are required to hire personal attorneys for their cases. These divorce attorneys help settle the case through cooperation and effective discussion. Both parties agree to give all the required information for settlement-related discussions and negotiations.

However, the attorneys will withdraw from the case if the spouses disagree. The couple will be required to restart the case from scratch and hire new lawyers for both. Those lawyers will be responsible for their representation and negotiations for the settlement. The practice of mediation is common in collaborative divorces. It is used for resolving issues that may arise during the process. After the elimination of such problems, the agreement can take place. The mediator acts as a source to facilitate effective communication between both spouses to conclude. The mediator cannot make judgments or decisions on behalf of the divorcing couple.

The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

The collaborative approach provides a judgment-free and less stressful environment for solving issues regarding the split. The understanding between both spouses acts as a catalyst for speeding up the process and completing it in the least expensive way possible. However, a lack of knowledge can be highly detrimental to both spouses and may waste time and money if the process fails.

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Uncontested Divorce

This approach to divorce is similar to collaborative divorce. However, the critical distinction is that in this method, the spouses work on the case without any mediators or lawyers. They settle the case and agree on terms on their own. A lawyer must file court papers on behalf of the couple after an agreement is reached between them. There is no further need for trials or court appearances after that.

The benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is the most economical option for divorce. It saves money for both sides as the charges for the lawyer and the court are eliminated in this case. This approach also helps expedite the divorce procedure and finalizes the split at a considerably fast pace. It saves a tonne of resources, including time and money. It also alleviates the stress and disputes between both spouses as they will be required to communicate effectively to benefit from the process.

This type of divorce is perfect for couples already at a point where they have mutually decided on the significant issues following the divorce. These issues include child custody, division of assets and property, alimony, etc.

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