The Best Free PDF Converter for Windows and Mac

PDF Converter for Windows

UPDF Converter for Windows and Mac is a professional PDF converter. It is the best PDF converter, because it can ensure the output formatting and accurate conversion. It also has the intelligent OCR features to help you convert PDF to editable formats. It makes the work manageable, fast, and effortless. That is why people think it is the most reliable.

A Full Introduction of UPDF Converter:

For Windows and Mac users, our team designed this powerful and versatile UPDF converter. It features effortless conversion of locked PDF formats to editable ones like Word, Excel, Text, RFT, HTML, and more.

Since the conversion engine enables the rendering to be accurate, the users can run any original file. Even going further, it allows the users to perform tasks such as editing, copying, scanning, and sharing the actual files. This way, you can increase your productivity and manage several files simultaneously.

UPDF converter is making education, and work uncomplicated. However, keep in mind that UPDF is not a password cracker. The users still need passwords to work on protected files.


UPDF has been designed by keeping in mind major PDF conversion needs and types. That’s why it features a lot more than regular PDF converters. Our team is constantly upgrading the converter to fit all the modern standards. Here are a few of many features UPDF offers:

Convert PDF to many editable formats: allows users to work in several formats, such as converting any PDF file to Word, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, HTML, Text XML, RTF, PDF/A, etc. One of the innovative features is that users can convert PDFs into images. It is workable around JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF.

Convert scanned PDF to editable formats:

Now, there is no need to type the entire document or multiple files since UPDF features scanned conversion. The users can convert any scanned PDF file with OCR and OCR. This technology supports 23 languages, making UPDF more versatile than any other PDF converter.

Convert password protected PDF:

UPDF converter also changes the format of password-protected PDF files. Surely, it requires the password since it’s not a password cracker. By following a few simple steps, you can access any protected file.

Batch conversion supported:

With UPDF, the users can manage multiple files. There’s no need for obsessing over one file now. It converts a considerable number of documents to increase productivity with one click.


With file conversion, editing and sharing, the UPDF offers a number of other advantages to the users. This make it all in one for those who work with multiple files and analyze several documents daily.

Accurate conversion:

With UPDF’s precise conversion, the documents need minimal to zero correction. Now, they can convert numbers, data, and complex files without surfing and skimming the file repeatedly. For users handling large files and several pages, UPDF makes it convenient and manageable.

Formats consistency:

This allows the users to keep the original document’s format intact. This way, they won’t lose any data in the form of tables and numbers. The format consistency doesn’t only increase productivity but also saves the complications such as finding the data in an editable format. This works for fonts, sizes, headings, images, headers, and more.


PDF format is the most commonly used document type among people.PDF Converter for Windows  No matter what field we belong to, we work on documents, make reports, create analyses, and research others’ compositions. Our team has designed UPDF to cater to all the education and work sectors. While designing this converter they kept in mind the major reasons behind people converting the documents. That’s why UPDF is so downright. With UPDF, the users can work in massive formats. Moreover, the users can smartly plan the documents and convert several files at once. It enables the productivity among students and staff and gives them access to multiple files.

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