Revolver News, Is Masterpiece It Still

Revolver News

The Beatles’ last studio album, Revolver News, is a masterpiece. The album was released in 1966 and is the Beatles’ seventh studio album. The album has been praised by critics and fans alike for its innovative sound and experimentation with different styles of music. Rolling Stone magazine has also been ranked as one of the greatest albums of all time, ranked at number two on their 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list in 2003.

Revolver News was also a commercial success, reaching number 1 in the UK charts and number 2 in the US charts. The band also won four Grammy Awards for this album, including Album Of The Year and Best Contemporary Performance By A Group Or Duo With Vocal.

The Importance Of Revolver News For The Beatles

The Beatles are one of the most well-known bands in the world. They have a huge fan base, and people of all ages still love their music. The Beatles were a band filled with creativity, love, and passion. Their music was not just about their own lives but also the lives of others.

Revolver News is one of the most influential albums for The Beatles because it represents a time when they were at their peak and shows how much they have grown as musicians and songwriters. It has been said that this album includes some of their best songs ever written, such as “Tomorrow Never Knows,” “Love You To,” “Got To Get You Into My Life,” and “She Said She Said.” Revolver News was released in England on August 5th, 1966, and on August 8th, 1966, in America.

Things You Didn’t Know About The Album

  • The Origional Title

The album’s original title was ‘Abracadabra,’ but a cheeky Ringo suggested renaming it ‘After Geography,’ after The Rolling Stones’ ‘Aftermath.’ Other titles that were considered were ‘Pendulums,’ ‘Fat Man and Bobby,’ ‘Magic Circle,’ ‘Four Sides Of The Circle,’ and ‘Four Sides Of The Eternal Triangle.’ Oh, and don’t forget ‘Beatles on Safari.’

The album ‘Revolver News’ was named after a gun because the Beatles were trying to symbolize their new album as “revolving”. The song is also about the death of love.

The Creativity

On ‘Tomorrow Never Knows,’ John Lennon said he wanted to sound like the Dalai Lama chanting from a hilltop. Instead of flying him to Tibet, Engineer Geoff Emerick recorded his voice using a rotating Leslie speaker and an automatic double tracking technique, which was the first time this had ever been done.

And while we’re on the subject of Tibet, the lyrics to ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ were inspired by drugs pioneer Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, and Ralph Metzner’s The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which was based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

She Said She Said

‘She Said She Said’ was inspired by John Lennon’s previous year’s experience taking acid with David Crosby and Roger McGuinn of The Byrds. Which was most likely a joke.

Doctor Robert Freymann

The song ‘Doctor Robert’ was about Dr. Robert Freymann, a celebrity doctor in Manhattan who was known for giving his famous clients B12 shots with a decent amount of speed in them. Before he lost his medical license in 1975, Freymann’s celebrity patients were said to include Jackie Kennedy.

Paul McCartney explained the significance by saying, “You can get anything from this guy in New York; any pills you want – he just kept New York high. That’s what Dr. Robert is all about: a pill doctor who sees you.” At the very last second of the song, John Lennon’s final words are “OK Herb.”

Revolver News Uncredited Names

There are a slew of incredible but uncredited names on ‘Yellow Submarine,’ including the Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones, hippy singer-songwriter Donovan, George Harrison’s first wife, model Pattie Boyd, and the majestic Marianne Faithfull.

None Of The Songs Were Ever Performed Live

The Beatles were known for their live performances, but there was no song in Revolver News played live. The album’s experimental sound and production is likely the reason why the songs on this album were not performed live. The White Album had two songs, “Yer Blues” and “I Will” that were never released on any Beatles album.

It Took 300 Hours Of Studio Time In Creation 

The album was recorded in roughly three times the amount of time that Rubber Soul took, an insane amount for a record in 1966. The sessions took place at Abbey Road’s intimate Studio Three, and EMI engineer Ken Townsend’s pioneering work double-tracking production technique was crucial to the recording.

When the standard method had been to double the vocal by singing. The same piece twice onto a multi track tape. Something John Lennon particularly disliked – Townsend used two linked tape recorders to automatically create a doubled vocal track. ADT quickly became a popular pop production technique. Paperback Writer and the classic B-side Rain were also recorded during the Revolver sessions.

Revolver News Our Review Of The Masterpiece Album

From start to finish, Revolver is the best of the Beatles’ albums. It far outperforms Sgt. Pepper in terms of songwriting, production, and song mix. Abbey Road’s second side is the only other Beatles recording. That can compete with Revolver News in terms of substance, great melody, harmony, and production.

Starting with George’s “Taxman,” the album dives into a great rock groove followed. By the energetic strings of “Eleanor Rigby,” which features Paul’s gorgeous vocals singing one of the group’s saddest songs. Next is John with “I’m Only Sleeping,” a great track with fantastic backward guitar. George returns with another raga-inspired “Love You To,” followed by Paul’s beautiful “Here, There, and Everywhere.” Ringo’s rollicking “Yellow Submarine. The only hit single from this LP in the United States, lightens. The mood considerably (with Eleanor Rigby as the B side). It’s a pure novelty, but it works well for Ringo and is still a great kids’ song.

Side One concludes with “She Said. She Said,” John’s musing on a line shared with him by Peter Fonda. I know what it’s like to be dead.” The work tapes of John repeatedly singing this line are haunting. The song has some of the most interesting lyrics, including “and you’re making me feel like I’ve never been born. Which reminds me of a more modern take on “Baby’s In Black.” The guitar lines are spot on, as are the harmonies.

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