Reasons Why You Should Avoid Dating During Your Divorce

Many people believe that filing for divorce means the marriage is already over, and they just have to end it on paper. A common mistake people make under this impression is starting their new life too soon. 

Dating during your divorce trials can negatively impact your side of that case regarding child custody, child support, alimony, and asset distribution. It can also affect your spouse’s behavior with you which might react adversely to your case.

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Reasons why you should avoid dating during your divorce

  • Marital status 

Although you and your spouse have filed for a divorce, in some states, until and unless the divorce is final, couples are still married in the eyes of the law, and hence, if you start dating someone else during your divorce, it might come under adultery. 

  • Consequences of dating 

If your state considers dating someone during a divorce proceeding adultery, you might end up in trouble. Even if you and your partner have not been involved at a sexual level, your spouse can use circumstantial pieces of evidence to their benefit in court. 

Other than that, using marital assets or money on dates or gifts will be considered waste, and you may be entitled to pay a certain amount to your spouse that has been used from the shared assets. 

Moreover, your spouse can use your relationship with someone else to gain more assets from the court during the distribution. Therefore, you will end up with much less than what you deserved. Your dating life will also affect the alimony you pay to your spouse or vice versa.

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If you are the one receiving alimony, your spouse might use the adultery card to get out of paying the whole amount. It is a compulsion that the standard of living established during the marriage must also be maintained after divorce. However, your relationship may cost you a massive chunk of the assets and properties. 

The above reasons are why you should wait until your divorce is final to begin a new relationship with someone else. This way, you will not risk your future finances and have a healthy relationship. 

  • Children’s reaction

Seeing their parent get a divorce is already harsh enough for children. Their mental health is severely affected during his period. On top of that, witnessing one of their parents with someone else, giving a third person the attention and care they deserve might just push them off the edge.  

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