MOLLE Alien Gear Holsters


MOLLE Alien Gear Holsters

MOLLE Alien Gear is a revolutionary way to carry your firearm. These holsters attach directly to your MOLLE platform and allow you to change the shape of your holsters to fit any configuration. MOLLE holsters allow you to easily attach additional equipment such as flashlights, magazines, or other accessories. This technology has many applications in the military and in civilian life. The ShapeShift MOLLE Carry Expansion Pack is the most versatile of its kind. You can also attach a holster to your MOLLE platform with the use of an adapter.

MOLLE Alien Gear

The Shape Shift MOLLE Holster is one of the best-selling MOLLE holsters in the market today. Designed to hold your firearm and a spare magazine, this holster allows you to attach to a wide variety of military-style webbing. The ShapeShift MOLLE Holster is constructed of high-quality engineered polymer and features a base for stability. It also features two or three PALS webbing strips, depending on the size of your firearm.

The ShapeShift MOLLE Holster is a great option if you have multiple guns. Its unique design fits over 600 different guns, and you can customize it with various attachment options to make it your own. It attaches securely to a wide variety of MOLLE gear, and provides excellent stability to your firearm when attached to PALS webbing. To make your life easier, the Alien Gear ShapeShift MOLLE Holster is available in three different colors.

MOLLE Expansion Quick Disconnect System

MOLLE Alien Gear has developed a quick disconnect system that allows the MOLLE carry system to be expanded to accommodate various firearm attachment methods. This system uses a Shift Shell to connect to other tactical gear, and can accommodate two to three rows of PALS webbing. ShapeShift MOLLE Carry Expansion Packs are easy to install, feature 360-degree rotational cant and are made of engineered polymer to withstand any kind of environment.

The Quick Disconnect System is compatible with a Rapid Force Duty Holster. MOLLE Alien Gear holsters are made in the USA. All products are backed by an Ironclad Guarantee. MOLLE Alien Gear holsters are backed by a 30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee, and Free Technical Support. This system can help you change the configuration of your carry-mount in seconds, allowing you to carry your weapon in a more comfortable, efficient manner.

ShapeShift Modular Holster System

The ShapeShift Modular Holster System is compatible with the Alien Gear MOLLE Carry Expansion Pack, and it adds an extra layer of versatility to your carry system. Compatible with both standard and non-standard PALS webbing, it has two to three rows of webbing for convenient, quick swapping between different ShapeShift Holster Shells.

The ShapeShift Modular Holster System is compatible with the MOLLE system and is designed to fit various handguns. The system is easily adjustable and features belt clips that are strong and adjustable. It also accommodates unloaded guns. Alien Gear says that in addition to the MOLLE belt clip, this holster system will add five or six different holster modules.

MOLLE Holster Adapter

If you’re looking for a holster that fits over your MOLLE belt, then Alien Gear holsters are the way to go. Unlike the MOLLE belt that comes with a standard MOLLE pouch, the Alien Gear MOLLE Adaptor is compatible with the ShapeShift MOLLE Shift Shell. Its patent-pending MOLLE locks are great for mounting a holster to various tactical gear.

Whether you’re looking for a tactical holster or a standard holster, these accessories are available in many styles and materials. MOLLE, which stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, is an extremely flexible mounting system that uses synthetic webbing material for its platform. Holsters designed for MOLLE use are flexible and can be mounted anywhere that webbing material is available.

MOLLE Holster is Heat Resistant, Impact Resistant, and Scratch Resistant

The ShapeShift MOLLE holster mount is made from premium engineered polymer for a smooth texture and is perfect for attaching a firearm. It features a 360-degree rotational cant for secure firearm attachment. And the mount’s unique design allows you to easily swap in a compatible holster. The Alien Gear ShapeShift MOLLE holster is designed to fit over 500 different firearm models.

The MFT team spent countless hours researching and testing holster materials. They evaluated several different materials and chose Boltaron because of its uniform thickness, impact resistance, and scratch resistance. The material’s high level of durability also includes fire retardance, heat resistance, and chemical resistance. Because it is so unique, Boltaron is only made by custom shops. It’s manufactured by combining sophisticated laser capabilities and superior finishing techniques.

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