Martin Lloyd Sanders Speaks About the Importance of Mental Health During the Pandemic

Martin Lloyd Sanders

Mental health is perhaps the most undermined of health issues. Most people are concerned about the trouble that bother the physical plain, however, experts in the field of psychology promote the need for attention to the mind of an individual. Martin Lloyd Sanders, former US Navy personnel, currently dedicated to public and occupational health and safety supports the cause of mental health and finds it a topic of serious attention, discussion, and remedial execution.

With a particular focus on the pandemic that has recently disrupted the normalcy of living, mental health should get more leverage than ever. People have lost loved ones, have seen them suffering feeling helpless, have themselves suffered and felt the physical discomforts.

Federal Occupational Health

The pandemic has affected lives at every level and mostly the mind. It is thus pertinent that more and more awareness is spread about the care that this aspect of life deserves. This is why Martin Lloyd Sanders the current Director for Safety, Environmental Compliance, and Emergency Management in the Federal Occupational Health (FOH), contributes to the cause in his blogs on social accounts. According to one of his recent posts on Twitter, it is a relief that the workplaces are gradually attaching importance to mental health across the globe.

Although the pandemic situation has come under control comparatively, the fear and anxiety still lurk among the employees who are returning to the offices. At a time such as this, it is the responsibility of the management of any workplace to make their employees feel secure. A study in this regard reveals that a lot of people have taken to substance abuse and addiction.

The pandemic caused due to the Covid-19 virus

Considering the occurrence of collateral damages such as the one mentioned above, it is only pertinent that more people come forward towards not just spreading awareness but also helping out to ease the growing mental instabilities. While some surveys say that employers are taking care of their employee’s mental health, there are others where the employees deny the fact.

it comes to the professional aspect of an individual. Martin Lloyd Sanders has been dedicated to public health and safety for several years now, individuals such as him, closely follow the adverse effects of mental instabilities.

The fact that the mind controls the body cannot be denied, therefore be it in the workplace or the personal space, nurturing and nourishing a healthy mind is of primary importance. It is only when one is able to think properly will they be able to function optimally, irrespective of their field of work.

At a time when the entire globe is having to face one of the most difficult times of their lives, the pandemic caused due to the Covid-19 virus, biosafety has become the need of the hour.  It recognizes the links between the crucial links between sectors and the capability of a particular hazard to work within those sectors and cause massive damage.

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