Lovely Professional University offers a correspondence BA course program


Lovely Professional University Distance BA course program is a graduation degree and this is also done on the subject of arts, in which you get an opportunity to read different arts subjects. You can select the subject from the various options according to their interest.

There are lots of art subject options available in India, for example, English, Hindi, History, Sanskrit, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Philosophy, and many other regional languages.

LPU distance education courses area three-year degree program and this education is very popular among the students because this education is very beneficial and imparts knowledge of whatever subject you have chosen, after doing this program you become capable of doing all the work related to graduation art.

If we talk about the duration of the Lovely Professional University Distance BA course in India is a minimum of three years, while in some countries it can be four years. The Bachelor of Arts course is also known as a Bachelor of Fine Arts program.

In India, you can do art degree courses both in regular and online ways. In both modes, you have a lot of opportunities.

Student skills and knowledge developed during this course

In this Lovely Professional University distance BA course, according to whatever location chosen by the aspirants, they are given deep knowledge of the course, such as when a candidate has decided to do a Bachelor of Arts history, then he will be taught everything about history. Such as Indian history, world history, and many others.

Subjects of Bachelor of Arts courses available in India-

Below are some subjects of Bachelor of Arts, courses available in India-

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Economics
  • Sanskrit
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Home Science
  • History
  • Bengali
  • other regional languages,
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Capability for BA course

A Student who passed the 12th class from any recognized board then can take a Bachelor of Arts or BA course program. Some biggest colleges, universities, or institutes even ask for a better percentage for admission in this program.

Normally, a passing remark is sufficient and if you have scored above 50% will be well enough.

Term of this course program

The term of the Bachelor of Arts course program is three years. Usually, few colleges will conduct yearly exams. BA is diverting into 6 semesters which adds up to 3-years as a whole. Your syllabus is also divided, so you get 4-5 subjects per semester.

Process of admission

The process of admission is very simple, you take direct admission based on your 10th or 12th percentage.

But there are only a few universities, institutes, or colleges where you may have to write an entrance exam or have to attend a personal interview as well.

Career opportunities after BA- Bachelor of Arts program

After doing this course program, the candidates have two options, they can either go for higher studies or can select any of the available work options, for example.

  • Teacher
  • Lawyer
  • Social worker
  • Politician
  • Government Jobs
  • Healthcare
  • Academia

Sociologists and so on.

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