10 Facebook Ads Tips and Features

10 Facebook Ads Tips and Features

When you’re planning to run an online campaign, instagram Facebook is the default option due to its enormous reach.

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More than two billion people globally are on this platform. A substantial portion of them could be your ideal target.

Facebook is also full of tools designed to help you improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

However, you must be aware of these issues to maximize their potential.

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To maximize the revenue possible for your campaign and to generate an ROI for your Facebook advertisement, keep in mind these strategies:

Create a backup copy of your backup. Produce multiple versions of your ad copy to help you move your campaign in mid-stream. Even if your team believes that your copy for the ad is already flawless, you don’t have a clue about how your intended viewers will respond. Consider it as a shotgun method. If the pellets are scattered and scattered, there is a greater probability that you’ll strike something. For instance, if you write a text advertisement featuring a catchy headline, create different headline versions in different shades and styles. Try to write longer or shorter ones and play around with your sentences. You can use the Dynamic Creative feature on Facebook, in which you can create a maximum of five headlines, which include pictures. According to the saying, the greater the number of entries, the higher the chances you have of winning.

Facebook Canvas

Make use of Facebook Canvas for more immersive content. The Canvas advertisement allows users to click on the mobile ads without downloading an app from a third party. Canvas is specifically designed to be mobile-friendly and crucial since more than seven out of 10 % of people living in the United States will use mobile phones to access the internet by 2022. Utilizing the Facebook tool, users will be able to use powerful storytelling to promote your brand’s image and your products. The most appealing aspect is that Canvas does not require extensive education to create interactive content hosted by Facebook.

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video ads

Make sure to invest in video ads if you don’t realize that videos are far more effective than text ads or static images, the sense of interaction. One disadvantage of video ads is the cost. For instance, you could anticipate spending at least $1500 for a semi-professional result.


It doesn’t include the script and the talents. Technology has made it simpler for small companies to develop their content using smartphones and editing software designed specifically. Do not get discouraged when your first efforts can’t garner many requests. Consider it as an intelligence gathering. The following videos you make will target the viewers who have sat through longer than 10 minutes of the commercial.

Utilize Lead Ads – the Lead Ads function allows customers to directly connect with the advertiser through a simplified sign-up process for mobile users. Your audience doesn’t have to navigate obstacles to sign for an email subscription, offer a newsletter, coupons, or even the like. You can also gather information about your business without having an online landing page or being logged out from Facebook. The social media company says it can Lead Ads and will cut the cost-per-like as high as four times.

Post-Engagement ad

Post-Engagement ad Post engagement is the number of actions your users take in response to your advertisements. The actions include liking the post, clicking that link to read the article and sharing the ad, and commenting on your post. The issue with certain businesses is that they do not follow up. They don’t know what to do after engagement. They do not make the most of the already engaged customers and transform them into paying customers.

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Facebook targeting feature

The Facebook targeting feature ad targeting allows you to reach out to people interested in your message. To say. Facebook has already done a great job of showing your advert to people who could have an interest in the company. However, you can further narrow it down to focus on leads you could be interested in and then design your Facebook advertisement targeted to their needs. If, for instance, your advertisement targets a broad audience, the reach could be more significant; however, it doesn’t necessarily translate into sales. But, if you create your ad specifically for American women, You narrow the audience to just 150 million people.


Exploit Lookalike Audiences Facebook offers this helpful feature that lets you target new customers similar to your current customer base. The only reason they are not buying from your company is that they are unaware of the existence of your business. Facebook will identify prospective customers’ typical traits and traits and redirect your advertisement to them.


Be sure the relevancy has been established and the frequency low. Frequency refers to the number of times the target audience will see ads like yours. The frequency should not go over three times to avoid saturation in the ideal scenario. Baseball follows a rule of three strikes. The same is true for Facebook. If the audience you are targeting hasn’t taken action after three times, then the probability that they’ll decide to do so following the fifth or fourth attempt is low. However, Facebook has a scale of 1-10, which determines the effectiveness of your advert.

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Your campaign objectives must align with your goals for business – when you are setting up your Facebook ads, you’ll need to specify your goal for marketing. Are you looking to increase the visibility of your brand and generate leads? Are you more inclined to increase visitors or engagements or increase your sales?

Audience Insights:

This feature will give you an overview of your followers and help you better understand them than before. There are two kinds of Facebook users: the general public who utilize social media for one reason or another and those who have been connected to the page. Utilizing Insights, you will be able to track their online habits and follow the hyperlinks they clicked or watch videos or the pages they like. It will give you a view of their daily lives and their locations. The amount of data you will gain from this tool is vital in creating a targeted advertisement that will convert well.


There are a variety of actions you can take when conducting the social media campaign of your choice through Facebook. However, if you do not have the time to study these techniques, you can employ a professional to help you.

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