7 Key Ways to Optimize Facebook Fan Page SEO (along with Mozinar Q&A)

There are plenty of opinions floating around on the most effective ways to boost the SEO of your Facebook fan page. Some recommend making use of keywords in filenames for your uploaded files, while others suggest that you should include every(Click here)URL you own connected to your Facebook fan page. If you’re like me, you probably don’t have the time to sit in a circle and look for a suggestion here and there but only to discover months later that it did nothing good.

This post offers additional tips for optimizing your Facebook page’s SEO now. It also responds to your Q&A questions in me on Mozinar discussion with Rand. Enjoy!

7 Tips to boost your Facebook fan page’s SEO today

1. Select the most appropriate name for your fan page on Facebook.

It may seem like a simple task. But, it’s the most fundamental step when it comes to maximizing your business’s presence on Facebook and the most crucial.

There’s always the desire to fill your page’s name with keywords such as “Bob’s Bakery – Muffins, Bagels Cookies, Breads, Muffins catering & Event.” In reality, using a name such as this can harm the growth of your page’s popularity on Facebook. If you look too unprofessional, your followers will be less likely to follow your page and less likely to share updates and posts with their Facebook friends. Indeed, some users may even block your posts from their news feeds. Imagine the terror!

Be careful not to be too general But, be careful. Facebook’s fan pages are to represent authentic brands, companies, or personalities. Suppose you choose to post something too general, such as Travel, Sports, Fishing, etc. You are at a chance of Facebook closing the ability of your account to publish updates and communicate with new fans.

A Quick Note: The first word on your fan page’s description is given the most significant importance (importance) to Google.

2. Create a fan page with a customized vanity URL

When your fan page can get 25 likes, Facebook gives you the option of creating a unique URL (or usernames, as Facebook refers to them) for your page. Since URLs are heavily considered in search engine results, your fan page’s URL must represent a specific aspect of your company.

If, due to a mistake in your stars, you realize that a fan page on another site has taken your company’s name, mention your company’s name on the page’s URL.

You can look over various username choices Facebook provides before choosing the one for your page.

3. Utilize keywords in strategically placed locations on your Facebook page.

Like conventional websites, keyword optimization is the primary SEO method available on your site. The essential elements to be focused on are the section on About, Mission, and Company Description. These areas are taken from your Facebook page in the form of SEO elements.

Here’s an illustration of how a search engine could index your website:

SEO Title = The Name of your fan page’s Name
Meta Description is the Fan page’s name plus the About section on your page
H1 = Your Fan Page’s Name

To ensure your site is optimized for local search results, It is essential to include your address and the City, State, and Zip. When searching for products, it is recommended that you should fill in the Company Overview, Mission, and Products fields must be filled in with the correct details.

Quick Tip: Much like your website’s meta information, it is possible to consider using a concise 140-character description of your fan page to ensure that your entire message is displayed within the Google search results short snippet.

4. Include your telephone number and address

It’s as surprising as it sounds; there’s a large number of companies that don’t provide this type of information on their fan page. Since most of your sales could come via online search, It could seem to be enough to provide this information. However, remember that indexing your page for local results in search is essential to growing your Facebook page’s fan base.

Furthermore, Google places higher importance on websites with specific data such as your company’s phone or address. Thus, pages with such information could boost your company’s overall SEO.

5. Link to your page’s Facebook fan page on channels already in use

The more inbound links you have to your site and the more trustworthy your site is deemed by Google, and you will rank higher. This is why bloggers must ensure that they publish content linked to other websites, blogs, etc.

The same principle applies to your fan pages on Facebook. In other words, whenever it’s appropriate, you can include the link to your fan page on your other channels on the internet, including your blog, website, and Twitter profile.

6. Optimize Facebook Status updates for fans

When posting updates on the Facebook wall, keep in mind that the initial 18 characters in the Facebook post are used as meta descriptions. Therefore, you should take advantage of the feature to write a description when Facebook requests users to “Write something” …” because that description will be the SEO title for the update. Incorporating hyperlinks to your small company website in your updates is an excellent practice.

Quick Tip: Similar to your fan page’s name, Google puts a greater weight on the first sentence of your update, and you might want to think about creating an important keyword.

7. SEO and Facebook notes

Facebook Notes is something that is not widely used. If utilized correctly, Facebook Notes can provide your Facebook page with improved SEO overall. The SEO elements gathered via Facebook Notes are:

SEO Title is the title of your note
Metadata: Your fan page’s name was the author of an article titled “Your note’s title,” the title of your note.

Facebook Notes gives your page the possibility of creating multiple “pages” beneath the main page.

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