How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Home?

Cockroaches are a relatively minor nuisance, but they can become quite serious if you leave your windows open over the summer. There are many ways to keep these pests out of your home and keep your family safe. However, if your home already has a cockroach infestation, then the wisest thing to do is to seek professional pest control services. You can click here to understand how professional pest control services can help you eradicate cockroaches from your home.

Remember that prevention is always better than cure. So, here are some tips for you to keep cockroaches out of your home.

  • Clean up the clutter

The clutter can become a nest for cockroaches. Clean it up by throwing away unnecessary things and disposing of them properly. You can also hire some professionals to clean your home or office periodically to ensure hygiene and hence prevent all kinds of infestations.

  • Keep the windows closed

Cockroaches are attracted by warm temperatures and light that come from the window of your home/office. So, keep the windows closed to ensure that there is no entry for these unwelcome pests. You can also install cockroach-proof materials on your windows for this purpose.

  • Use sticky traps

You can purchase, use, and place these fly traps all around your home to catch cockroaches. Stick them on the corners of your kitchen and bathroom. Cockroaches are attracted to moist and warm areas. Therefore, you can place sticky traps, such as fly paper strips, around your sink and bathtub to catch these pests.

  • Do not keep food sources open

Keep your trash bins covered and dispose of the trash properly. Do not leave your food exposed because cockroaches are easily attracted to them and can contaminate your food.

  • Keep your garbage can tightly closed

You have to keep your garbage can tightly closed when it is not in use. Cockroaches get into the trash by entering through the cracks of the can and opening the vents to get out of there. Therefore, you have to keep your garbage can tightly closed so that it does not allow for any escape from these pests.

  • Keep pet food covered

Cockroaches love to feed on pet food, and this can attract them to your house if it is left in an open area. So, keep it covered and away from the reach of these pests. You can also place traps or glue boards in areas where pets are fed to catch cockroaches that have made their way into your home/office via pets.

  • Spray insecticides

You can also add some insecticides to your usual cleaning supplies. Spray it all around the kitchen and bathroom to keep off any unwanted pests. It is important that you read and follow the instructions on the label of these products before using them.

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