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Maintaining a proper diet while being a college or university student is one of the toughest things ever. But it is not as bad as attending all classes over the learning management system. Online education given its advantages, was unable to provide up-to-the-mark education quality for specialized courses in colleges. Now that we are past that phase, students will face other challenges relating to classes on campus. Today we discuss the primary issue of maintaining a healthy diet and remaining fit.

Remaining fit with an ERP that designs one of the most hectic schedules ever can be challenging. ERP full form is enterprise resource planning, it is responsible for planning everything in an organization or institution, such as a university. But students can make their inputs for personal planning and decisions to improve their life. Having a nutritious diet plan is a part of it. Let’s have a look at some healthy college recipes which are not only economical, but also packed with all their necessary vitamins, fat, and other contents to support the students through the day and energize them for all the classes that lie ahead of them.

Importance of breakfast

We all know as a matter of fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but have you ever wondered why? When students begin their day without having a proper breakfast, trying to save a little bit of time, they end up losing more time to feeling sick and Moody, constantly distracted in their classes.

Having good food before you go to classes boosts your metabolism, and prepares your body for what lies ahead. You don’t feel hungry, and your body is constantly receiving the energy from highly nutritious food. Improved productivity in the morning means more motivation to keep working throughout the day till evening. Students can make two more stops for snacks and lunch before they can finally go home and have some good dinner. 

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Not having breakfast can make a student have many more stops because they get tired easily since there is no food they can use to energize themselves for classes. Other issues such as lack of focus and concentration, stomach and muscle cramps, dehydration, and low levels of metabolism can also arise. Hence, a good breakfast is a key to having a good day. 

Best breakfasts

Here is a choice of economical breakfasts that can be made in less than 5 minutes, and with minor changes can be consumed regularly. Ready-made foods such as corn flakes are not mentioned because these should only be occasional, and not a regular source of nutrition for breakfast.


The classic ideal breakfast is a sandwich where you can keep switching the ingredients inside and have a unique meal every morning. Common choices include lettuce, tomato, onions, cucumbers, or simply buttered toast and eggs. Bread goes with just about anything, whether it is the leftover soup from last night or fresh vegetables you must consume before they rot.


Students can find it in bulk at any store, use any combination of spices and vegetables to put in it, and make a unique dish every day. All you have to do is boil it, toss it in some sauce, and- a nutritious meal is ready. Noodles can also work alternatively in place of pasta, but not every day because it is too rich in fiber it might cause Constipation with continuous consumption.


Students who want a light yet filling breakfast can choose an oatmeal bowl with fruit toppings like bananas, types of berries, and even some fresh cream. Dairy products are a great source for breakfasts.

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The go-to option for every college diet is a smoothie bowl or a smoothie cup that they can carry and save a lot of time. Students are known to prepare a fresh combination of fruits in their fridge to make into a smoothie fresh every morning and have on the way to classes.

Students must include at least one source of protein, one source of fat and fiber, and one source of high water content in their breakfast. Eggs, ham, fresh farm fruits, different types of bread, pasta, rice, and grains are easy to find tasty choices. Don’t forget to have a stand of spices with salt, pepper, and chili flakes. They enhance the quality of food and the student’s appetite. A happy student with a full tummy is more willing to study than a student with an empty one.

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