General Hospital Spoilers: Will The Snare Executioner Target Josslyn Following Brando’s Assault?

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny suspects Josslyn could be the snare executioner’s next casualty following Brando’s assault, and on the Monday, Sept. 19 episode of “General Hospital Spoilers,” it seems Dex might need to step in to protect Josslyn.

In the promotion video for the ABC drama, Josslyn (Eden McCoy) tells Trina (Tabyana Ali) that she feels like somebody is watching her. “GH” spoilers bother Josslyn vents to Trina, and Dex (Evan Hofer) runs impedance.

After Sonny learned Brando (Johnny Wactor) was gone after by the secretive snare executioner when he followed Josslyn outside, Sonny became worried that Josslyn could have been the genuine objective.

Despite the fact that Sonny concealed his hypothesis from the police,

He requested Dex to watch out for Josslyn unobtrusively. It seems Josslyn will fear for her wellbeing, and Dex will be placed in a circumstance in which he should move forward.

Will Dex need to save Josslyn from turning into the snare executioner’s next casualty, or will he need to run obstruction with another person?

Somewhere else in the ABC promotion video, Portia (Creek Kerr) contemplates whether Jordan (Tanisha Harper) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) would in any case be together assuming Jordan never lied about TJ’s (Tajh Howl) grabbing. “General Hospital Spoilers” spoilers uncover Curtis consoles Portia.

In the wake of discovering that Jordan never marked the legal documents, Curtis has been attempting to sort out why she would defer the cycle. It seems his interest will cause Portia to feel a little doubtful about her relationship with Curtis.

General Hospital Spoilers Watchers know that Portia brought forth Curtis’

Youngster a long time back when they had an unsanctioned romance and never came clean with him. Will Curtis’ consolation propel Portia to admit that she is additionally misleading Curtis?

Other “GH” spoilers bother Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) uncovers. A greater amount of her recollections, and Gregory (Gregory Harrison) makes a greeting.

“General Hospital Spoilers” airs on work days at 3 p.m. ET on ABC

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