Five Situations in Which a Texas Employment Attorney Can Help a Worker

Employment Attorney

Employment lawyers can help you with a lot of employment-related issues. During your employment, you can come across issues that leave you unsure of your rights. You can resolve this uncertainty when you get advice from an experienced lawyer. You can learn more about the situations in which an attorney who specializes in employment law can help:

Wrongful Termination

The majority of workers in Texas can be terminated for any reason that doesn’t violate employment law. A termination can be illegal if it is done based on a worker’s protected class including race, age, sex, disability, religion, and nationality. Also, it is illegal for employers to fire a worker as retaliation against them for reporting illegal workplace practices or refusing to perform illegal work orders. An employment attorney can help the victim fight workplace discrimination and protect them against retaliation. 

Hostile Work Environment Employment Attorney

A lot of workers are not treated fairly by their supervisors or coworkers. Often, employees subjected to this kind of work environment is to look for a better job. But if a work environment becomes hostile due to the protected characteristic o a worker, an employment attorney can help the victim. 

Workers who are subjected to a pattern of offensive jokes, insults, harassment, slurs, and abuse due to their protected characteristics can seek relief from the law. They can also have a legal claim if their employer does not correct the hostile work environment even if they have been informed about it. 

Unpaid Wages Employment Attorney

An employment attorney can help workers collect unpaid wages they have earned. These wages include what they earned on the day they were fired, unpaid overtime, and unpaid bonuses or commissions. 

Whistleblower Protection

 Some whistleblowers deserve legal protection after reporting the illegal practices of an employer. Examples of these practices include violations of environmental regulations, fraudulent activities that impact the public or third parties, and unsafe work conditions. Whistleblowers who are retaliated against for reporting misconduct are usually eligible for remedy. But this is only possible if the employer’s misconduct rises to a public interest level. Therefore, protection is available to complaints regarding over-billing customers and clients. An employment attorney can help whistleblowers make informed decisions and understand the potential outcomes that whistleblower protections give them. 

Breach of Contract

A breach of contract occurs when one party in an employment contract doesn’t live up to what they have agreed upon. If disputes arise regarding the terms of employment contracts, an employer attorney can help employees understand and enforce their rights.  

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