Essay writing tips for college students

Essay writing

Essay writing is a skill that every student must learn while in college. It is helpful not only in college but also in the job market. To come up with a good essay, you have to be very creative, do deep research about the topic and articulate your points in a good way. Apart from these, there are other essential tips you should know when writing an essay in college. 

These tips apply to a long and short essay, such as a 4-paragraph essay. They will help you develop a good paper that will earn you the best grade you desire. 

Seven essay writing tips for college students

  1. Decide/know the format of your paper. 

Knowing the format of writing a paper is very important if you want better results. There are many formats of writing an essay, including APA style, MLA style, CHICAGO style, etc. these formats of writing are written differently, and the modes of citation and referencing are different. If you mix them, the teacher will know that you do not know how to write an essay. 

  1. Organize your thoughts

An organized thought will help you write a paper that can be understood. Before starting the essay, you should write an outline that will guide you as you continue. You can use a piece of per and scribble down the main important points such as heading and subheadings so that you don’t forget any critical issues. 

  1. Be creative when writing an introduction

The introduction is an essential part of an essay because it gives the reader an idea of what to expect in the whole paper. If the start of an article is dull, the professor will not be interested to read the entire document. Avoid being offensive when starting an essay because the reader might be upset, giving you poor grades. 

If the topic is given, you should develop intense background research. This will convince the reader that you did your research well. You must be creative and use hook sentences to keep the reader interested in it if the topic is not provided. 

  1. Address the main topic

Many students start writing an essay without understanding the main topic due to the rush to complete the assignment and other essential things. For instance, if the main topic is about psychology in everyday life, you should talk about the relevant areas that use psychology to solve problems. Discuss those areas and how they are connected wot psychology. In addition, use the conclusion part to demonstrate your understanding of the topic. It would be best to never divert from the main topic to discuss something else. 

  1. Use relevant examples

Using examples is an excellent way to demonstrate your writing skills. The illustrations you use should be the ones that occur in real life and are relevant to the main topic. The professor will award you better grades if you use examples that they can relate to because it brings more clarity. 

  1. Use relevant quotes

When using quotes, ensure they are relevant and do not silence your voice in the paper. Quotes should be used to rubberstamp your ideas and not as the main content. In addition, make sure you quote and reference any content you know is not your own. You must also introduce the quote naturally so it doesn’t sound like it is used to fill the number of words. 

  1. Use formal language

You must avoid using informal language when writing essays such as another paper. The whole point of writing an essay is to test if you can write or present your thoughts in a formal language. Rhetoric questions, shortening words, or using first-person singular should be avoided when writing an essay. 

Utilizing these seven helpful writing tips will earn you good grades in any essay writing.

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