Dean Norris

Dean Norris

Dean Norris born April 8, 1963.He is an American actor he is well known for playing DEA agent Hank Schrader on the AMC series Breaking Bad.

He also portrayed town Conoclinium James “Big Jim” Rennie on the CBS series under the Dome and played mob boss Clay “Uncle Daddy” Hussar on the TNT series Claws. He respired his role as Hank Schrader in the Breaking Bad spin-off better call Saul.

Throughout his career, Norris has acted in nearly 50 movies and more than 100 different TV shows.

Early life of Norris:

Dean Joseph Norris was born in South better graduate from Clay High School in 1981, where he was a class valedictorian. While in his high school he was a member of award-winning student- produced comedy shows Beyond Our control’’ which was ran into the valedictorian. While WNDU TV. Graduated from Harvard college where he studied interdisciplinary social studies. He also got a diploma from Royal academy of Dramatic art in 1987.

He had guest spots in other television series including

  • NYPD blue
  • The X- files
  • The West wing 
  • Lost

  And appeared in the film Gattaca. He played the drug Enforcement Administration agents Hank schrander on Breaking bad from the show’s premier in 2008 in its final season 2013.Norris has been starred in the CBS series Under the Dome, he played a selectman James Big Jim Rannie, the only town cut of the area which is out cut from the rest of the U.S.A he played the role of the mob boss clay Uncle Daddy role in the TNT series Claws.

In 2020, Norris respired the role of agent Hank Schrader on-screen in Breaking Bad prequel better call Saul during the show’s fifth season. Norris was cast in a lead role for the CBS sitcom united states of al.

Personal life of Norris:

Norris and his wife Bridget, a former entertainment attorney, live with their five children in Temecula California. In 2018 the couple opened the Norris performing Arts center in Murrieta.

He was very famous in his Arts center. A lot of students learn the art in his center. Both worked in their arts center. 

Norris was accused of center. a thirty-two-year-old woman from Ohio, In June 2017 in New Orleans. However, in February 2018, The New Orleans Police declined to charge him, alleging that there was not enough evidence.

Norris is a fan of hometown team the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

He liked the hometown team very much. He also wants to play with the team. In 2019, he helped launch Schrader Drau, Hank Schrader’s in universe home-brewed craft beer, as an official 

Filmography of the Norris:


In 1985 he worked in film Blind Alleys as a role of Peter Brockway. He also worked in 1985 in police academy city under siege as a role of Brockway. He 1989 he worked in the film disorganized crime as a role of deputy Jetha also worked 1989 in the film Lethal weapon 2 as a role of Detective Tim Cavanaugh. In 1990 he worked Hard to Kill as a role of sergeant Good Heart. Total Recall as a role for tony, Gremlins 2: The New Batch as a role of Swat Team Leader and also worked in 1990 in the film Desperate Hours as a role of Emodin 1991 he worked in just in a Terminator 2: Judgment Day as a role of Swat Team leader. In 1992 he worked in a famous film The Lawnmower man as a role of director.

In 1993 he played the role in three films The Firm as role of squat Man, Full eclipse as a role of Fleming, In Jail Bait he played the role of Hershiser. He also worked in 1993 in the film Barbarians at the gate as emerging role of first scientist. In 1994 he plays the role Detective Marconi in playmaker in the film The Last Seduction take part as role of sheep.

1995 he worked in a lot of films but safe and money train famous film of Norris. In which he performs as a role of Mover as well as Guard.

1997 he played the famous role Beat Cop in the film Gattace.Starship Troopers is a film in which he acted as a commanding Officer. In 1998 he played the role Scott the Negotiator without litmus, his favorite film in which he played as a role of Dellinger.

In 1999 sonic Impact bright future film he played a role Agent McGee. He takes part a lot of films such as 

  • The Cell 
  • The One 
  • American Gun
  • Little Miss Sunshine 
  • Evan Almighty 
  • The Heartbreak Kid
  • Line Watch
  • How Do You Know 
  • Prome
  • The Hustle, Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark


Drama/ Serials


Year Title Of Drama Role in Drama
1981 Beyond Our Control Company Member 
1987 The Equalizer  Martin 
1988 Leap Of Faith  Richard
1988 Police Story: Gladiator school Ralph Thomas 
1989 Beauty and The Beast  Biggs
1990  Montana  Foreman
1991 Murderous vision Lieutenant Martin
1991 Locked up: A Mother’s Rage Mike 
1992/1993/1994/1995 Secrets/Home front /Barbarians at the Gate/NYPD Blue/Married with children  Henderson/ Second coworker /Scientist/ Father Jerry /Downey/Rodent
1996 Dark Skies

Innocent Victims 

It Came from Outer Space all Seduced by. Madness

Clayton Lewis

Frank Sarasin

Dave Grant 

Detective Pike 

1997 The Pretender


Tommy Larson


1998 V.I.P/ E. R Jackson LaSarr/Clark
1999 The Practice /Charmed  Detective

Dr: Stone

2000 Philly  Detective Duff
2014 American Dad! Head of Security
2015 Sofia the First  Mazzimo
2021 Nova Vita  Devon Washington


Awards and Nominations of Norris:

In 2011 Norris nominated the Saturn Award in best supporting actor on Television. 2012 and 2013 he won screen Actor Guild award for outstanding performance by an Ensemble in a drama series Breaking Bad. In 2014 he nominated Saturn Award for the best supporting actor on television in drama series Under the Dome. 

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