Car Accident in Queens, NY: Who Can Be Held Liable For My Medical Bills?

The state of New York offers “no-fault” auto accidents. Your insurance will typically pay for the cost of your injury. If someone was wounded in the other car, their insurance would cover the costs of their medical care. It can feel unfair if you weren’t involved in the accident’s cause. However, the goal of the statute is to speed up compensation.

It’s never too late to enlist a lawyer on your side if you have suffered catastrophic injuries in a car accident. Let the experienced attorneys at Sullivan & Galleshaw guide you through the complex no-fault claim process and ensure that your claim is filed promptly.

Do medical expenses from car accidents get covered by health or auto insurance?

The “no-fault insurance” that comes with most motor insurance contracts provides at least $50,000 in coverage for paying medical expenses and lost income. Since it comes into effect before any other policies you could have, this insurance is regarded as primary.

Generally, all “essential expenses” for medical care are covered by insurance coverage, including:

  • Helicopter airlift or ambulance
  • Medical imaging
  • Medical care in an emergency
  • Health care services
  • Procedures such as surgery and medicine
  • Hospitals stays
  • Equipment for prosthetics
  • A helping technology
  • The use of prescription drugs
  • Therapeutic exercise and recovery
  • Retraining for the workplace
  • Guidance on mental health
  • A follow-up visit with the doctor

The $50,000 in coverage offered by your provider may not always cover all of your medical costs. Once you reach the minimum level of basic coverage, any supplemental insurance you may have acquired will take effect. Your healthcare provider, whether private or governmental (such as Medicaid or Medicare), will be responsible for paying for your claim if you have no extra insurance or none at all.

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Who Pays for Car Accident Medical Bills Over Insurance Policy Limits?

After a vehicle accident, medical costs can mount, especially if you’ve had many fractures, a traumatic brain injury, or spinal cord damage. When injuries reach the “severe injury threshold,” 12 states, including New York, allow victims to opt out of the no-fault system.

According to the state’s law, a severe injury can result from death, amputation, deformity, fetal loss, fracture, or permanent loss of an organ or body part. In addition, this includes non-permanent injuries that prevent the person from carrying out everyday activities for 90 days after the disaster.

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