Best Fireplace Tools: Buying Guide

Basking in the warmth and enjoying the time irrespective of the chilly winter is something that you yearn to do. Making the age-old fireplace operational and arranging for freshly hewn wood to be brought in regularly are responsibilities that you cannot avoid. However, it is important to source the best fireplace tools alongside for you need to manage the blazing fire in the hearth.

Sure, you have to light the logs and wait for them to catch fire before you build up a cozy little fire that cheers you up considerably. Keeping it under control by taking the necessary steps to manage it perfectly can help you to enjoy the old-time joy within a modern home. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms of the fire tending equipment though. You do not want to be found fumbling when you have to ask for a specific stool that serves a particular purpose.

Finding the right set of tools will not pose a challenge for they are available readily. No worries! You are welcome to buy the entire range of tools as a set or opt for single items as per your need. The basic tools that are sure to help you manage the fire in the fireplace must include the following:


Also known as a stoker, its function is pretty obvious. Yes! You will need it to stoke the fire and build up painstakingly. It has a hooked end that is essential for prodding the logs and raking the ash and debris to create an all-encompassing fire that warms the room beautifully. You may choose one with a long handle to protect your hands from being burnt. Alternatively, a short poker will allow you to manage the fire from close quarters.

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Use a sturdy pair of tongs to lift the burning logs and rearrange them as needed. Arranging the logs and embers neatly will enable you to build up a roaring fire that is enough to drive the chills away. Do be fastidious about choosing a tong with a long handle so that your fingers are not too close to the flying sparks and hot ashes.


You would be aghast to find the ashes littering the entire fireplace a few hours after the fire dies completely! Not only does it look ungainly but you cannot get a fire going properly if you have ashes flying into the fire every minute. Using a vacuum to clear the ashes is a strict no-no. Any burning ember will be sucked into the machine and increase the risks of fire. Source a broom instead and sweep the ash carefully from the hearth. You may store it discretely at one side or use the debris deposit slot to discard the lot, if available.


Do not fail to include a fireplace spade to clear up the mess once the fire is extinguished. You may scoop up the debris and clean up the area so that the hearth looks welcoming once again.

It is advisable to have a list of the best fireplace tools handy before spending money on equipment meant for your fireplace.

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