Bees Invading Your Swimming Pool Space?

Swimming Pool

Keeping bees away from the pool is a major struggle for pool owners. While it is not possible to control every bee using homemade ideas, there are some ways to make your pool less attractive to bees. If you are tired of bees hovering over your pool and crashing your pool parties, call Backyard Comfort & Pest Control today. 

Tips to stop beesSummertime is the time to have pool parties with your family members and friends. However, your pool parties can have a certain group of uninvited guests, and they are bees. Not only are bees scary, especially to children, but they can quickly ruin the mood of a party. Outdoor activities like a pool party can cause bees to feel threatened and make an attack. 

 from invading your swimming pool area

Swimming Pool Use unscented sunscreen. 

Summertime not only invites bees but tanning from the sunlight as well. Therefore, you may apply sunscreen on your face, hands, and legs before heading out for your pool party. However, remember not to apply a scented one as it can attract a bunch of bees. Skin products have a floral scent tent to attract bees, especially since they have a strong sense of smell. 

You should also avoid any flowery hair spray or perfumes. Bees love the smell of flowers, and the key is not to smell like a flower. 

Wear deterring scents. 

While certain scents attract bees, such as flowery ones, some can also deter them. Some scents that humans find pleasant are irritating for bees, such as peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme, and spearmint. These ingredients are easily found in the form of essential oils and can be incorporated into your daily lifestyle. 

You could apply some essential oils on your skin or put them in areas around the pool. You could also add some of it to the pool water. Some other smells bees dislike include lavender, citronella oil, olive oil, lemon, lime, and vegetable oil. 

Keep food items and drinks covered. 

It is not uncommon to find food items and drinks at pool parties. After all, it is a party and people are going to eat. However, food and drinks are just as appealing to bees as they are to humans. If you do not cover them up in airtight containers, you will find bees hovering over them. It is recommended that you cover your food items after you are done eating. Additionally, when drinking beverages, use glasses that come with a lid. 

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