Baduki Game

Baduki is a Japanese puzzle game, similar to Tetris, but with different controls and game play. It is played on a nine-by-nine board and the object is to remove red blocks from the board. During the game, you have to think quickly and use different strategies to reach the goal before time runs out. Visit the website to learn more about Baduki. 


There are a few basic Rules of Baduki that you should know. First, the board size. The normal board size is 19 by 19 lines. However, you can practice on a smaller board, like nine by nine lines, or play quick games on a larger board, like thirteen by thirteen lines. In general, the object of the game is to surround vacant areas of the board and capture your opponent’s stones.

If White captures two black stones and Black has two stones, this is known as seki. Black then has the right to play two new stones and capture the two. If White captures one of the two black groups at two and four, Black scores nine points.


In Baduki, territories are points that are surrounded by a completely alive group of stones. A group of stones that are part of the same color is called a ‘dame’. In the game, one group cannot capture the others. Similarly, a black group cannot capture a white group. The game ends when all players agree to pass. Passing occurs when a player thinks he cannot make more territory or capture more stones. Passing also ends the game if there are two consecutive passes. Another interesting feature of the game is handicapping, which allows the weaker players to get an advantage of up to nine stones.

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Using the diagrams, you can learn the rules for this game. The basic strategy of this game is to capture as many black stones as possible without leaving an empty board. A good example is Diagram 10 where eight black stones are alive and one white stone is dead. In this case, you cannot play a ko threat, but you can capture the stones on the board again.


A Timer for Baduki Game lets you set time for different periods of the game. Its interface allows you to set the initial time, bonus time per move, and the end game time. Once you have set these parameters, you can start the game. When you start the timer, you should see the screen below. Make sure you rotate the clock to landscape if you are using a mobile device.


Developing a Baduki Game strategy requires a deep understanding of the game’s objectives. The goal is to surround a larger area of the board than your opponent. While this goal may seem simple, the strategy is far more complex than this. In order to be successful at the game, you must understand how the different pieces fit together and how to use them effectively.

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