7 Powerful Content Creation Tools to Boost Marketing

These days marketers use various tools and techniques to attract customers’ attention. They promote their businesses Boost Marketing on the internet through blog posts, images, videos, etc. It can be quite lucrative for their company if implemented properly. The content you generate should resonate with the target audience and call them to action. 

In order to convert the audience, you can take advantage of a range of tools for marketing content creation. They will help you generate decent content for social media and your website. So read the article and explore the best programs. 

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What Is Content Marketing 

Content marketing is the publishing of textual and visual material to promote products and services. It can be distributed via different channels like websites, social media, blogs, podcasts, apps, press releases, and more. 

Businesses resort to this strategy to create content that boosts sales, builds relationships with customers, and increases brand awareness. Content marketing is important for your company as it creates a sense of community around your brand. You can show your audience how your products and services solve their challenges.

Let’s look at some impressive content marketing stats. You should not hesitate to implement a content marketing strategy, as 82% of marketers are actively investing in it. Moreover, 63% report it helps build loyalty with existing customers. The most popular form of content created in 2022 are videos, blog posts, and images. 

But what are these high-quality tools for generating content marketing? Read on, and you will see more. 

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7 Best Content Creation Tools

There are various creative content types, including videos, images, memes, gifs, animated connect, podcasts, and traditional written blog posts. They all have their pros and cons and can be generated with the help of special programs. Here we’ll explore the most popular content creation tools that will fuel your marketing strategy.

#1 Canva

Visual content engages the audience the most, and there’s an abundance of simple tech solutions for creating unique videos, webinars, images, presentations, infographics, and diagrams. 

With Canva, you will be able to generate top-quality designs. Here you can find everything for flawless content creation. There are branded templates, animations, videos, and audio. A content planning feature enables marketers to publish their content on time.

#2 Yoast

Writing SEO content will always be an effective marketing solution, and Yoast can help you with that. Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress optimizes your content and improves its readability. 

There are many advanced features allowing you to optimize your site for the right keywords, avoid dead links, get previews for sharing on social media, and more. 

#3 Movavi

Want to start with video content marketing? Movavi video editor is a perfect option for impressing your audience with creative videos. It has a straightforward interface with an eye-catchy design and plenty of editing functionalities. 

Editing marketing content, you may wonder how to add subtitles to a video, and Movavi can teach you that and many other editing tricks. Download the tool for free and follow simple instructions to create your fascinating videos. 

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You can use GIFs anywhere you like in your content marketing strategy, including blog and social media posts. GIPHY is a database of GIFs on any topic. You will easily find a trendy animation to optimize your content. 

Here you can also create your branded GIFs. That’s a great solution for content customization and boosting brand awareness. 

#5 Buzzsprout

Today, podcasts are getting more popular, and you will get a lot from implementing this content type into your marketing strategy. Buzzsprout is a free platform for podcast hosting. It’s quite simple to use, thanks to clear instructions and versatile tools. 

Using this platform, you will be able not only to create but publish, promote, and analyze the performance of your podcasts. 

#6 Trello

If you need technical support in keeping track of tasks and project management, Trello is right for you. You can integrate it with other marketing tools for smooth planning and collaboration. Butler automation enables people to automate tasks and workflow. This visual tool provides many useful features and can improve your team’s productivity. 

#7 BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an indispensable tool for generating content ideas. It allows marketers to explore high-performing content, analyze data, and track comments and trends to sharpen their marketing strategy. BuzzSumo API is perfect for adding curated content to your site or app and building internal reporting tools. Besides, Boost Marketing you can get insights into the key influencers in your industry and use them for your business promotion.


Now you know how to engage your target audience with content marketing created with the help of special tools. You can find many other programs, but these are one of the best to start your content marketing career. We wish you good luck and hope now your business will thrive more.

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